Furniture Row Shopping Center Interior Painting

Client:  Tower One Construction for Furniture Row

Project Location:  Davenport, IA

Project Fee:  $93k

This commercial new construction project required the ceiling to be sprayed with dryfall to present a nice, bright white appearance.  The interior walls also needed paint that had to exactly match the Furniture Row color scheme.


JCC painted over 98,000 square feet of ceiling with white dryfall paint and roughly 22,000 square feet of wall space.  JCC painters spent just under 1,050 hours to bring this project to life.  There were other trades working on this project at the same time, which required us to coordinate and work with the other trades in order to complete this project under the client’s deadline of 7 weeks.


This successful project showcases the diversity of JCC’s paint crew between the dryfall and fine finishing on the walls.  The client was very happy with the outcome and communication of the team.