Mueller Brass Foundry Dust Collection System Fabrication & Installation

Client:  Mueller Brass Foundry

Project Location:  Decatur, IL

Project Fee:  $172k

Poor air quality inside the customer’s foundry required that they connect their dust producing equipment to a dust collection system, fabricated by JCC and installed on the exterior of their facility.


Our experienced fabrication team designed and fabricated the dust collection system, our coatings team painted it, then our sheet metal workers installed it.  The exhaust system was fabricated from 10 gauge steel and required bolted connections, supports and hangers to install it.


The foundry was in production at the time of installation, which required the main ducts to be installed above the roof to avoid interfering with the daily manufacturing work inside the foundry.  Overall, there were about 1,800 shop, fabrication, painting and installation hours that went into completing this project.