John Deere Harvester Powerhouse Discharge Stack Fabrication and Installation

Client:  John Deere Harvester

Project Location:  East Moline, IL

Project Fee:  $175k

This fast turn-around project required that the existing discharge stack be removed and the new stack installed in 5 days.  JCC’s fabrication and welding team fabricated the new discharge stack from 3/8″ carbon steel and built this unit in one single section.  When completed, the stack was 9 feet in diameter, 90 feet in length and weighed almost 60,000 lbs.


By building the stack in a single section, JCC’s paint experts were able to apply corrosive resistant paint to the interior and not have any joints where corrosion could start.  Because of the size of the stack, special transportation had to be arranged with an over-sized trailer that included steerable wheels.  Two cranes were then used to lift and set the stack on the trailer.