Badger State Ethanol Dust Collection System

Monroe, WI

A project that showcases JCC’s versatility in solution services.  Over 3,500 hours went into this industrial fabrication project to design, fabricate and install ductwork and its components.

Alcoa Fume Exhaust Stack Fabrication

Alcoa, TN

This industrial project requiring exhaust ductwork installation had a quick turn-around deadline, proving once again that JCC is able to take on and meet client needs within their schedule.

Sethness Company Water Storage Tank Fabrication

Clinton, IA

Innovation and fabrication were requirements for this client, who needed a 45,000 gallon water storage tank.  The JCC team designed and fabricated the tank from 3/8″ carbon steel and ensured there were no leaks.

Mueller Brass Foundry Dust Collection System Fabrication and Installation

Decatur, IL

Mueller Brass Foundry had poor indoor air quality inside their foundry and needed JCC’s experienced fabrication and HVAC team to develop a dust collector to help clean the air.

John Deere Harvester Powerhouse Discharge Stack Fabrication & Installation

East Moline, IL

This project required the fabrication of a new discharge stack, built in one piece and weighing 60,000 lbs for a coal fired power house.

Maxwell Graphics Printing Solvent Reclamation System Installation

Dallas, TX

Even though this project was long distance, this client chose JCC because they needed a sheetmetal contractor they could count on with the extensive expertise that JCC holds.  Our team fabricated the fume collection ductwork in our shop and installed it on site at the client’s facility in Texas.