When working with JCC, you’ll be supported by the best and brightest minds in the industry.  We can’t wait to show you the unique and innovative solutions we provide by way of a workforce that we’re proud to show off!

Executive Leadership

Project Managers/ Estimators


<b>Mark Murray</b>

Mark Murray

Production Manager


<b>Mike Downing</b>

Mike Downing

Service Manager

Painting and Sandblasting

<b>K.B. Melton</b>

K.B. Melton

Painting Superintendent

Field Superintendent

<b>Dennis Finch</b>

Dennis Finch

Field Superintendent


<b>Shawn Verhaeghe</b>

Shawn Verhaeghe

Laser Manager

Project Manager Assistant

<b>Carrie Horton</b>

Carrie Horton

Project Manager Assistant

Safety/Quality Assurance

<b>Debbie Heitman</b>

Debbie Heitman

Safety/Quality Assurance Manager