Thomson Prison Ductwork Installation

Client:  State of Illinois

Project Location:  Thomson, IL

Project Fee:  $4.1 million

$1 million dollars worth of HVAC equipment purchased!  In addition, JCC installed HVAC ductwork and supervised sub-contractors for roofing, insulation, electrical and air balancing.  This customer had a need to select a contractor with a workforce that was large enough, and experienced enough to be able to keep up with the pace of the work and complete it in a timely manner, making this a great partnership for both the State of Illinois and JCC.


JCC fabricated 240,000 pounds of galvanized steel and aluminum ductwork, utilizing over 15,000 fabrication and 29,000 field installation hours.


In addition to the HVAC work done on this project, our fabrication services department fabricated all of the security grills used in the inmate cells.  Read more about our fabrication services.